Feedback After ACL Reconstruction Surgery By Dr. Brajesh Dadarya, Jabalpur

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March 31, 2020
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Feedback After ACL Reconstruction Surgery By Dr. Brajesh Dadarya, Jabalpur

Last year we operated a patient named Prateek from Jabalpur, who had a knee injury in an accident in the month of June. It was a terrible injury and he was in a lot of pain. It was a third-degree tear of meniscus and ACL (anterior cruciate ligament injury). After meeting the accident and analyzing the damage, he went to Dr. Brajesh Dadarya’s clinic and consulted him. Dr. Dadarya on his first visit inspected his knee and suggested he go for surgery. As there was no other way to treat Prateek’s injury except to opt-out for the surgery.

But at that particular time operating Prateek’s knee was not possible as his leg was very stiff. Due to the accident and the blow on his knee he had a lot of swelling on the knee and was immovable. So, keeping this in view, Dr.Dadarya suggested him to do some exercises on a regular basis so that his knee and legs became a bit flexible. Then Prateek followed all his recommendations and guidelines for the next few weeks and after four to five weeks he gained some movement in his knee and legs. He was also able to walk a bit, so now it was the time for him to go for the surgery. And he went ahead with the surgery. But the only thing that was clouding his thought, as well as his family member, was that whether he will be able to walk properly or not, will it be normal to walk like before or there will be some change in his walking style. Whether he will be able to play and run or not etc.

But after surgery following all the instructions and exercise regime given by Dr.Dadarya, Prateek has recovered very well without going for any physiotherapy for a single day. He performed all the exercises at home on a regular basis and after seven months of his surgery, he is able to walk properly and do all the daily chores. He has returned back to his job and can climb stairs too without any hitch now. He is comfortable driving too. All thanks to timely action taken by Dr.Brajesh Dadarya and his team.

Many people in our country till date are not aware of ligament injuries and its treatment and because of that, they are unable to do the proper treatment of the same. They should not ignore their injuries and should take proper treatment so that they can enjoy life normally like others

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